Week 36

Week 36 was our last week of school. First we packed up Mr. Haney’s room so he could move to third grade. Then we had field day and a Chick-Fal-A lunch provided  by Wells’ mom. Last we are helping the  1st graders their field day. That’s what happened in week 36.Screen shot 2016-05-18 at 8.23.37 AM File May 17, 2 12 34 PM

Week 33

Week 33 was crazy. First we took the hardest test in Tennessee’s history, but it was canceled. Because it was late to almost ever school in Tennessee. So I will never know how well I did. We also got our year book today, which is pretty awesome. We also picked our radishes. That is way week 33 was crazy.IMG_6460IMG_6471IMG_6458

Week 30

Week 30 wasn’t the best week. First it was a reminder that I didn’t make the track team nor media team. I was in the drawing for media team but my name was with the few that didn’t get drawn. Since my name wasn’t drawn my mom offered to take me to Dollywood but of course I caught a cold and we had to stay home. Last we created movie my idea had the most votes. Thats exiting and all but if you think this was a good week for me reread my post. That is what happened in week 30.


Week 29

Week 29 was jam-packed. First we had our school play I had a lead role of Ed Sullivan. Also we had our 5th pizza party. And to top of the week Mr. Haney is announcing track and field media team and Eric’s mom made the class a cookie cake. That is what happened in week 29.File Apr 01, 8 29 21 AM

What I Did Over Spring Break

My spiring break was amazing. First friday night I could not sleep because I was going play in the grand opening of the Cal Ripken Experience in Severville TN. It was amazing they have all turf fields and a baller clubhouse. On Monday I pack up and went to Alabama to visit my relatives. I met my Great Great Aunt Flo she’s 94. I also met my 3rd cousin Macy she is 2 and a half. They live in Haliville   Alabama.